7 Ways To Make Your Dog Love You

By Tasha Stevenson

Every person who owns a dog has a desire that their dog could love them back. This is usually due to the saying that dogs would give their owners unconditional love. Of course, that would happen if the owner is also there to give their pet the right amount of love and care. It is all about earning that love from your pet dog.

A lot of dog owners often get mistaken on how to make their dogs love them. Some resort to spoiling the dog which leads to the dog being unhealthy and hard headed. To make the dog love you back, you should impose discipline and leadership to them. Show them that you are in control. Let them know that you are still their owner and despite that, you love them that much.

The following tips will help you in letting your dog know that you love them.

1. Treat discipline - Do not always give your dog table scraps every time you have the chance. This will just confuse them on who's really in charge. This will make them unhealthy and unhappy. Treats are ways to make them happy and healthy. Give them treats from time to time. Let treats be something that you give because of something that the dog has done right - like as a reward for good behavior.

2. Regular playtime - It is essential that you have time for play with your pet dog each day. Even if you come home one day very tired from work, you should still play with your dog. Playing can be as simple as playing fetch or giving a toy to your dog.

3. Give your dog rides - Your dog will feel privileged if you let them go with you on trips. Let them sit with you in the front seat. This will make them recognize you as the true leader of the pack.

4. Relate to them - To really bond with your dog, you have to go down to their level. Talk to them like you are also a dog. Wrestle with them on the floor or on the couch. This will show your dog that you are like them.

5. Everyday walks - Always take your dog for a walk. Dogs get excited when they go out. Even if their objective is just to sniff the flowers in your garden, it makes them active. Do not ignore them when you are walking.

6. Health and grooming - Let your pet have proper hygiene as this will surely be appreciated. Bathing and grooming them makes your dog happy and healthy. Although the dogs generally hate baths, they love being clean and knowing that you are the one cleaning them makes them love you more.

7. Show positivity - Action speaks louder than words, so in showing care for your dog, body language is more important. Saying "I love you" to your dog does not mean anything unless you show it.

These pointers will help you let your dog understand that you love them and will make them love you back.

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